Solian has put in place strategies to ensure exponential growth every year.

Solian is a Leading Investments and Asset Management Company in Kenya. Solian has investment footprints in various parts of Kenya and plans to expand to other parts of Africa.


True Value, Sustainable Wealth 


To create Sustainable Wealth, Through Superior Return Investments


True Value, True Wealth.

The Team

Solian boasts of top talents within its management team and directorship. The combined professional experience of the Solian team on various fields ranging from finance, marketing, architecture, engineering and law spans more than 100 years.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Resilience
  • Fairness
  • Consistency

Why Solian?

Our WHY is entirely derived from our core values. We believe that core values sets an organization apart not when written on paper but when integrated in every aspect of the organization.

Whether you are looking for superior returns for your investments or to buy property or any financial and insurance solution, you can be confident that Solian can meet and exceed your expectations through our commitment to our core values.

History & Milestones


We started from a dream, based on the fact that Solian can be the vehicle that enables our stakeholders to enjoy financial freedom, create wealth by investing in superior return opportunities. Solian was incorporated in 2011.


With an even larger team, Solian continues to grow with new projects completed countrywide. With an insistent demand from clients and landlords alike, we decided to move forward and opened our property management department.


Solian established a permanent office while continuing to focus on online marketing and building a ready property database


Expanding other real estate developments with Solian signature brand


The Solian team continues to grow, now boasting in a great team of specialized business development managers and sales representatives in various areas. Solian is on the rise; with our clientele growing to impressive numbers.


With an ever growing team and projects, we developed a strategy to ensure year exponential growth and expanding to new frontiers and sectors. Solian Insurance Brokers Ltd. and Freedom Capital Fund LLP were born. Solian Business Centre (SBC) is established to provide serviced and virtual offices and boardrooms for our customers.


Solian outgrows its smaller offices and moves to its current office location, now a sizable team of dedicated and experienced marketers and managers focusing on all property locations in the Kenyan Coast. The name Solian is becoming a vibrant brand in the market.